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I have posted many success rescue operations.But this is the one which i helpless to rescue a girl child at midnight! I think this case can give you a clear view why many rescue operations of kids were failure to carry on…..
It was 1’o clock. i went back home after my night drive to sleep.It is usual to call someone for help when i took a deep breath to sleep after a big yawn. No doubt… I picked the call, but nothing could hear because of poor network. i called back again. The guy was a marine engineering student back from Gujarat by OK Train.He said that a girl child(10 years) was entered into their boggy from mangalapuram. They tried to contact railway police for the help. But no one get back them. I agreed to meet them in south railway station. The train left from kalamaserry then.So i took my bike and drive at a 100Km/Speed and reached the south railway station before the train halt.I was awaiting to see the child.When saw her she was sleeping on a seat. Engineering students and me together again called up police for the rescue assistance. Railway police come and told the girl child to leave away from there. She started to shiver, so i bought a coffee for her.

The main problem to rescue a girl child is that , a lady police constable should assist with her. Other wise i have to answer many questions there after because of the legal restrictions. I called local police for the help, again the reply was sad. There were no lady constables on night duty and they asked me to contact control room. There is no one to pick the call at least!!It was really painful and hopeless even i tried all the doors to get a positive reply for rescue a child.

It is easy to say that sorry i can’t help you,, but i can’t. It may not be a great thing to all. But for me, it is my duty and responsibility always. So the incident touch me badly.I t is no more to speechless!

There are 152(NGO)’s working in Kochi by receiving government grands.There are many cells and child care centres, police cell created to ensure child and women protection especially for people reached in the street at night. The so called institutions are always on media coverage. I am not trying to criticize what they did, but what not???

Kochi is growing to a smart metro. Metro rails, Container Terminals all signs indicate the speedy growth.Yes i agree with matters that it can change the old face of Kochi. But i am not believe if the development completely avoid the lower parts. There should be a good mechanism, legal frame work, co-ordination from NGO’s to take care children from street with easy and comfortable procedures.

It is difficult to rescue a child in these situations.Till 3.30 am i sit with her.When i felt there is no point to open the eyes of people acting like blind. I have to cross my legs over the child sleeping in the platform.I don’t have the courage to look her face again.

Who cares them? Who want to raise their voice? Truly madly i disappointed about the child!!!