Income Tax

Our organisation Theruvoram NGO has got 80 G licence of Income Tax

Our organisation Theruvoram Ngo has got 80 G licence of Income Tax Act. Donations to Theruvoram are eligible for tax exemption. More than the awards I receive ,its the blessings I get from helping the abandoned and needy that gives me the strength to move forward with this mission.Thanks to everyone who have financially helped me within their limits and my prayers with you all.

Under the Income Tax Act, certain contributions or donations are eligible for a tax deduction under Section 80G. NGOs or other non-profits must apply for registration and are intensely scrutinised by the IT Department before being granted such a certification. This is because such institutions tend to attract a larger number of donations from corporates and individuals looking to give to charity while saving on tax. Only donations made to charities prescribed under category 80G are eligible for an 80G deduction.

Tax Paid Documents

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