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Murugan S

Murugan S, the founder of Theruvoram NGO, was born and brought up in Peerumedu, Idukki district in Kerala.

Later in 1990’s, the family migrated to Kochi in search of job, but, the family could only earn Rs 300 a month. Murugan was brought up in the slums of Kochi; living among them as one of them. Bro.Mavooris, a well known social worker gave a new life path to Murugan from the slum boy image. Murugan got a new life with many friends in Don Bosco Snehabhavan, from where he learned to write Malayalam. It is also a place from where he received vocational training in building construction as a mason. More over the harden experience of life taught him to love and see other people with compassion.

After completing the secondary level education in open school system, he used to sell newspapers at KSRTC bus stand. For getting better salary hood he learned to drive auto rickshaw too. In the year 2000, Murugan volunteered to serve as child line worker. In those days, during the morning, he worked for the society by rescuing kids and old age people from the street and provided shelter, food, medicine according to their needs and met the expenses from the late night drive being an auto rickshaw driver.

In 2007, Murugan founded an NGO called THERUVORA PRAVARTHAKA ASSOCIATION ALSO KNOWN AS THERUVORAM NGO,for the rehabilitation of people from street. The objective of the institution is to provide full time (24 hrs*7days) help to street people. Theruvoram NGO is the first NGO to be emerged from the street for the street. Murugan S was honored by giving various awards and appreciation for his noble social service in the field so far.


Amazing Indian

Murukan S Theruvoram won amazing Indian award from the Honorable Prime Minister Of India Shri.

Our Projects

The Flood Relief Project

      The Flood Relief Project


Rescue operation A Challenge!

An old man who had a big wound under the foot filled with worms has rescued by Theruvoram.


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30 October 2019

Women Empowerment

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We are driven by the vision of the world, where all the women, in particular, women from underprivileged backgrounds enjoy full citizenship...

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