Six Years of Theruvu Velicham

Posted on May 21 , 2019 by sandra

Theruvoram NGO founder Murugan S, after rescuing children off the street.

Theruvoram NGO has been working towards rescuing the people thriving on the street for more than ten years now. Today, that is 16th May 2019, marks a very important day for the organisation – it was six years today on 16th May 2013, that the organisation started its effective project “Theruvu Velicham”, along with the support of the government. ‘Theruvu Velicham’ as a project aims at saving people from the street – mentally challenged, old, abandoned, everybody finds a home at this project centre.

Murugan S on duty.

Located in Kakkanad, the Techpark of Ernakulam, the centre of ‘Theruvu Velicham’ has been able to house more than ten thousand
Theruvoram NGO founder Murugan S, after inmates till date. This blog features the experiences and challenges faced by the founder of the project and the NGO, Murugan S, in the form of an exclusive interview.

Murugan S on duty.

The man with the steel wire rescued by Theruvoram.

Q: How and why did you start an organisation like this?

Murugan: As a child, I would say that I did not have a proper childhood that a child deserves. My family was poverty-stricken, there was a point where my parents could not afford my education as well. I have spent most of my life at orphanages and it was only after the age of 18 that I was exposed towards child help centres – where I found my calling. I was sure I had to do my best to help these people – the people who found themselves on the streets after harrowing experiences, I just wanted to provide them with opportunities to help them and grow. I had the support of many people to do the same. I will never forget the help I received from all of them and will be forever grateful to them.

Another rescue operation by Theruvoram NGO.

The man with the steel wire rescued by Theruvoram.
Q: Can you share some of your experiences with the people who are reading the blog?
Murugan: As a team, we have encountered many experiences. I would never forget a few of them. Like once, we found a man near the railway station who did not have a home. He was fully clothed but there was an unpleasant smell emanating from him, nobody dared to go near him because of the smell. Our team was called and we realised that there was a metal wire which had been wound around his arm, and because of the untreated wound caused by it, there was the smell which could not be ignored. We took him to the doctor and got him treated. Currently, he is in the rehabilitation centre. One other case like that is about a person suffering from leprosy. The person, who cannot be named because of confidentiality, didn’t have fingers and could not even clean himself after going to the loo. Nobody came forward to help him and our organisation was contacted. This was about five years ago. Our team rescued him, cleaned him, and currently, he is in the rehab getting treated.
rescuing children off the street.

Another rescue operation by Theruvoram NGO.
Murugan also adds, “As an organisation, we try our best to help the people in need while trying to make the best out of what we have. We have cultivated various types of plants in the space provided to us and also indulge in bird rearing, especially pigeons. Currently, we house around 25 people, especially old people. The NGO does not have the license to house children yet. But we try to make the best out of whatever we can. We face a lot of challenges in the process – even though many people provide us with all sorts of material support, the NGO primarily requires monetary support from the helpers.
This post will also serve as a big thank you post to all the people who have helped reach the NGO to where we are today. To all the help that we received from the police department as well as the government, it is only because of them that we have been able to pursue this noble cause. And a final thanks to all those who are reading this post, to take their time and read our experiences. Together, let us try to make this world a better place for everybody.”

Just some farming by the founder of Theruvoram NGO.