Journey of Theruvoram

Theruvoram is an NGO founded by Murukan S Theruvoram, a social worker, for the rehabilitation of street people in Kochi. It was established in the year 2007. Theruvoram had been in service in the past years without accepting fund or grants from Government and public. Even when our organization is operating in Kochi, we have made our services available all over Kerala. Theruvoram aims to reach out to the most marginalized children and old age people to provide interventions of shelter, medical, repatriation, rescue, death related, sponsorship, emotional support and guidance

If you see anybody
in misery
Call - 09846051098!!

About the people for whom we exist

We hope that Theruvoram can serve as a door which can help the residents of Theruvoram from the challenges and triumphs, daily happenings and momentous occasions, and growth and transformations experienced by them. Our residents may include children, women and men with various disabilities; physical and mental, the ones abandoned in streets and others with diseases like leprosy without any age barriers.

We will do our best to update the events regularly, so please check back frequently for the latest news stories, updates, and pictures of our ever-growing organization’s activities!

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Ambulance Service Available Call - 09846051098