Demons in God’s own country!! Should i protect myself, or the helpless old lady????

Posted on Jan 12 , 2013 by admin

I cannot say challenges are new for me or difficulties unknown to me There are many cases i have attended and i got positive as well as negative outcomes.

Unfortunately, I have to attend a case today.”It is my everyday prayer to rescue at least a man from the street a day”. Today morning i was too eager to attend a rescue operation of an old woman who lived alone in her home without getting any proper care in the serious health conditions. Because of some prevailing issues i don’t have the permission to reveal her name.More interesting fact about the case is that a senior Police Officer called me directly over my mobile and asked to rescue the old lady. Which increase my confidence to attend the case without any risk.

I reached the old Mom’s house by evening 4.30pm, which situated at Kizhakkambalam panchayat in Ernakulam district.Two police men also assisted to rescue the old lady because of the absence of police officer.I have n’t seen any crowed or neighbours in the home when i entered into the house. The door was closed. I ring the bell a number of times. No response. Then i saw a window partially opened. I was shocked to see that an old lady laying on her motion spread over the floor and the nasty smell hit on my nose. Policemen and me together tried to open the main door and went inside the house. The lady was crying for water.By seeing her condition i understood that she need urgent primary medical treatment to make her alive!! Before that it is necessary to get information about her family members, relatives any would like to help her.

When i come outside the house, i was really wandered to see a big crowed in front of the house within five minutes!! A ten minutes discussion with the natives helped me to get understand few things about the old lady.She is an owner of the property and 10 cent plot . She had more than 3 lakhs rupees deposit in bank too. She prepared a will of document to transfer the assets in the name of a temple.Her relatives opposed her decision and they filed a allegation in court for partition of the property awaiting action. She did not have own children too. After the discussion me and policemen told them that she need urgent medical aid for brought her life back. We decided to admit her in a hospital.

By the time two drunkard men from the crowed come forward and shouted me: “Who the fuck are you to take her to the hospital??? Then he started to beat even the police men. Every one standing in the crowed watching the seen while the old lady trying badly to inhale. Suddenly, two well dressed ladies came into the seen and introduced themselves as the president and member of the panchayat. Without hearing or watching anything the two blinds stated opposing us and supported the drunkard men by saying “We will not allow any one to touch on the old lady”?
Then i asked them;” who will take care the old lady ,counting for last days???. She replied “Non of your business.
Now i clearly understand that money is the matter make the politicians, leaders, even the panchayat president to do business,, not service.!!!!!! Those Mafia behind the property allegation frightened and anxious whether they loose everything if we take care the old lady.

The tricks and plays they performed to portion the old lady’s wealth with utmost unity and team work if they bring out for some good thing they will get national award!!! We have to quit from there . The old lady on the bed watched all the rock show for her wealth and she whispered for water.
Who cares her??? They want her money. Really i felt i am living in a Demon God’s own country. Sorry mother, i too helpless !!