The Project (Theruvu Vellicham Government of Kerala)

This PROJECT ‘THERUVU VELLICHAM – is meant for providing a temporary shelter as a means of rehabilitation for the homeless. THERUVU VELLICHAM provides food, accommodation and medical requirements for around 25 people, who are considered to be the inhabitants at the shelter. The Kerala Government provides a meager amount as grant, towards the upkeep of the center. The primary source of funds for running this project is received from public and our other well wishers who help and support us. Kerala Social justice department supports Theruvu vellicham project by offering

40 Cent Plot
2500 Sq ft Building
Drinking water free of charge
Electricity free of charge
Grant for food
Employees’ salary
Travel Expense of Rs.5000/M

Ambulance Service Available Call - 09846051098

THERUVU VELLICHAM has rehabilitated around 1,356 people since inception, which would amount to a year and a half in time span. THERUVU VELLICHAM is the only organization which provides shelter for the destitute as well as the homeless; regardless of age, gender or any other form of discrimination even when there are 194 other orphanages and shelter homes located in Ernakulam district.


Street Light (Theruvu vellicham) is the one and only project which caters around the clock to alleviate the suffering of children, the old aged and the mentally challenged people, although there are organizations like Child line (Child line India foundation- 1098), Ambulance (Ambulance service for road Accident), etc, exist.

Ambulance Service Available Call - 09846051098