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Women Empowerment

Thuravoor is a small rural area under Pattannakaad Gramapanchayat in Alappuzha district. The main occupation of rural women at this
area concentrates mainly on agriculture; Aqua culture (fish production), Horticulture (Fruits production), Pisci Culture (fish farming),
Sylvi culture (Cultivation of fodder crops), poultry as well as dairy farm, but they are unaware of the new innovative technologies
available before them to develop their agricultural skills. In order to support as well as to help them develop their skills and to
bring them into new employment activities, Theruvoram is introducing a new program for Women as a part of our Women Empowerment Project
in association with Kudumbasree units, which is about to get started at Thuravoor. We understand that along with economic security, a
woman also need social and emotional security to feel empowered.

We are driven by the vision of the world, where all the women, in particular, women from underprivileged backgrounds enjoy full
citizenship, earn with self-respect and engender prosperity and worth for all.

Our motto is, ‘Making the Real Celebrities’. Our aim is to altitude the employment field for rural women by helping them to find a bold
livelihood option by training them to develop their skills and confidence to sustain in an effective place of their choice.

We offer

  • Counseling Assistance for women to understand their field of choice that they are willing to work in
  • Skill Development Programs for women, so as to increase their confidence as well as their skills in doing work at their field of
  • Motivational Classes for women to help them boost their confidence
  • Social Entrepreneur Development Program to help the women understand the entrepreneur within her,
  • Agricultural and Small Scale Business Unit Development Assistance, so as to encourage and promote them,
  • Personality Development Classes,


Amazing Indian

Murukan S Theruvoram won amazing Indian award from the Honorable Prime Minister Of India Shri.

Our Projects

The Flood Relief Project

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Rescue operation A Challenge!

An old man who had a big wound under the foot filled with worms has rescued by Theruvoram.


Upcoming Events & News

World Refugee Day

30 October 2019

International Women’s Day

30 October 2019

Head Office Change

30 October 2019

Women Empowerment

Six Years of Theruvu Velicham

We are driven by the vision of the world, where all the women, in particular, women from underprivileged backgrounds enjoy full citizenship...

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