Back to Life with a New Hope

Ratnakaran a 40 year old man is back to his life with lots of hope after a tragic event

Kochi:  Ratnakaran, a chronic alcoholic was found under the bridge of Ernakulum north railway station and he was suffering with a wound on his leg happened due to an accident near Angamaly.  When he admitted to hospital, Doctors told him to cut his leg. He was surrounded with his family and friends, but when he was in trouble no one is ready to look after him. All his friends and family were left him alone and he was wandering hopelessly through the nook and corners of the city. After that Theruvora authorities found him near north railway station Ernakulum.

When he was taken to Theruvuvelicham, an initiative by Theruvoram is an organization which rescue and treat such wandering people who need more kind of support. On 30th of April 2015, he was taken to theruvuvelicham. At that time, he was in a condition of physically weak, uncomfortable looks, Poor self care, Poor Personal hygiene etc. Small worms were growing on the wound and he was suffering with severe pain.  Theruvoram Authorities   cleaned his wounds properly and gave necessary treatments. Gradually the six inch deeply wound become fully cured. Even Ratnakaran can’t believe that wounds become recovered completely and he is safe.  When I see him, his eyes were filled with tears and he was struggling for words to express his gratitude towards me and my organization. When he expressed his gratitude, I replied to him “These things are happened only by the grace of god, not because of me”. At that moment he cried and in his eyes I can see a feeling that he was not alone in this world and I have lots of people near me. I could see a feeling of hope that sparkle in his eyes.

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