THERUVORAM RESCUED AN OLD MAN FOUND CRITICAL CONDITION IN AN ISOLATED HOUSE 9/3/2012  Chottanikkara: Balakrishnan(72) years old man who has been lived in a rented house near chottanikkara temple found paralysed in an isolated house rescued by THERUVORAM yesterday.Balakrishnan was a retired employee from PWD. He has been living in chottanikkara for last two years.  In the last week, he could not w alk or sit properly because of health issues and the house owner and the neighbours found him in a paralysed situation.Theruvoram tried to contact with his family members and wife. But their response was disappointing that they are not willing to take care the old man.So the house owners and residential association had in big dilemma and they contact Mr Murugan S THERUVORA ( Gen Secretary THERUVORAM).  According to police instruction THERUVORAM has admitted the old man in General Hospital Ernakulam.They tried to contact his family members but they will not ready to take care Mr Balakrishnan for the reason that he had seperated from his wife and children for a long while.  Doctors said that his health condition is bad and he need proper care and rest.Theruvoram planning to arrange a old age care centre to continue the rest of his life more healthy and peacefully.

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