A lady autorickshaw driver saves an abandoned old father, with the help of Theruvorapravarthaka Association. Kochi: Varappuzha: Gopi (50) has been living on the streets near the Koonnamavu Karingaturuthu Market for the past 10 days. His b ody is covered with sores and he can hardly take any solid food. Seeing his plight, a lady autodriver started bringing him home cooked food from her home everyday. She also approached many voluntary organizations to take care of the sick man but was turned away. She finally informed the Theruvorapravarthaka Association last evening who later took Gopi to the Varappuzha Police station. With the written consent from the Police station, Gopi was later taken to the General Hospital for treatment. Locals like Purushan, Babu, Velayudhan assisted in the rescue. ‘We plan to file a complaint against Gopi’s son, with the Police and Human Rights Commission, for not taking care of his father, neglecting him and throwing him out’ says Murukan, Secretary of Theruvorapravarthaka Association.,,,,,http://theruvoram.org

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